Philippine Coffee Quality Competition 2023

Overall Auction Description

ロット: 24
Origin: Philipines
Varieties: Arabica-Catimor and robusta



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ロット 品種プロセススコア Bags重量 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
FA9Typica “Sweet”Natural86.03174kgs$0.50$91.00/kg$15,834.00Manolito Garces - Floral, Pineapple, Berries, ChocolateThe Good Cup Coffee Company / Deuces FINISHED
FA6CatimorNatural85.752114kgs$0.50$90.50/kg$10,317.00Jhon Lawrence Dela Cerna - Pineapple, Mango, Black Currant, HoneyAM ESPRESSOMNL CAFE FINISHED
FA10CatimorNatural85.412114kgs$0.50$19.50/kg$2,223.00Dione F. Ellaga - Orange, Dried Fruits, Chocolate, ApricotISFUN FOOD Services FINISHED
FA5Typica “Sweet”Natural85.032114kgs$0.50$55.50/kg$6,327.00Junmar Gunayan - Tropical Fruits, Honey, Caramel, Blueberry, LemonEarthwyre Products & Resources Corporation FINISHED
FA12CatimorNatural85.02114kgs$0.50$31.00/kg$3,534.00Rogelio Gonzales - Tropical Fruits, Raisins, Berries, LemonEarthwyre Products & Resources Corporation FINISHED
FA13Typica “Sweet”Natural84.972114kgs$0.50$36.00/kg$4,104.00Arnold Pina - Orange, Caramel, Honey, Hazelnut, StrawberryWhat What What Enterprise ( Curve Cafe ) FINISHED
FA2CatimorNatural84.562114kgs$0.50$15.00/kg$1,710.00Rogelio R. Balacuit - Fruity, Caramel, Grapefruit, Lime, NutmegCommon Crew FINISHED
FA3CatimorNatural84.52114kgs$0.50$15.50/kg$1,767.00Cecilia G. Cavalida - Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Blackberry, LimeEarthwyre Products & Resources Corporation FINISHED
FA11TypicaWashed84.442114kgs$0.50$31.50/kg$3,591.00Rosebele Sulatan - Caramel, Orange, Peel, ChocolateEarthwyre Products & Resources Corporation FINISHED
FA7CatimorNatural84.412114kgs$0.50$16.00/kg$1,824.00Cherry Gil Cabanday - Lemon, Black Tea, Honey, PomegranateEarthwyre Products & Resources Corporation FINISHED
FA8CatimorHoney84.342114kgs$0.50$30.50/kg$3,477.00Roquita Dela Cerna - Caramel, Raisins, Almond, NutmegAM ESPRESSOMNL CAFE FINISHED
FA4CatimorHoney84.162114kgs$0.50$20.00/kg$2,280.00Lendilou F. Loon - Orange, Plum, Berries, ChocolateAM ESPRESSOMNL CAFE FINISHED


ロット 品種プロセススコア Bags重量 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
FR5RobustaNatural85.222114kgs$0.50$56.50/kg$6,441.00Vilma T. Lasan - Vanilla, Pineapple, Berries, RaisinsEquilibrium Intertrade Corporation FINISHED
FR11RobustaNatural85.03174kgs$0.50$37.50/kg$6,525.00Mabini C. Ubuan - Blueberry, Tropical Fruits, Pineapple, WineyEquilibrium Intertrade Corporation FINISHED
FR4RobustaNatural84.382114kgs$0.50$79.00/kg$9,006.00Juana B. Bitongan - Winey, Mango, Tropical Fruits, BananaAM ESPRESSOMNL CAFE FINISHED
FR9RobustaNatural83.943174kgs$0.50$18.00/kg$3,132.00Marietta D. Lidem - Tropical Fruits, Candy, Honey Cherry, HazelnutWhat What What Enterprise ( Curve Cafe ) FINISHED
FR6RobustaNatural83.52114kgs$0.50$11.00/kg$1,254.00Jean Apalet - Molasses, Caramel, Banana, LemonEarthwyre Products & Resources Corporation FINISHED
FR12RobustaNatural83.473174kgs$0.50$10.00/kg$1,740.00Byron P. Daplayan - Almonds, Dark Chocolate, Almonds, AppleEl Union Coffee and Roastery Inc FINISHED
FR7RobustaNatural83.312114kgs$0.50$8.00/kg$912.00Silvestra L. Villegas - Chocolate, Almonds, Orange, LimeISFUN FOOD Services FINISHED
FR8RobustaNatural83.163174kgs$0.50$12.00/kg$2,088.00Reyjohn A. Basco - Toast, Berries, Spice, RaisinsWhat What What Enterprise ( Curve Cafe ) FINISHED
FR1RobustaNatural83.132114kgs$0.50$10.00/kg$1,140.00Erlinda B. Dao-ayan - Dark Chocolate, Black Currant, Plum, CloveEl Union Coffee and Roastery Inc FINISHED
FR3RobustaNatural83.132114kgs$0.50$7.50/kg$855.00Robert James Gacayan - Toast, Honey, Peanut, OrangeCoffee Aid FINISHED
FR2RobustaNatural82.943174kgs$0.50$8.00/kg$1,392.00Jordan J. Dalida - Pineapple, Plum, Black Currant, PruneCafe Norma FINISHED
FR10RobustaNatural82.412114kgs$0.50$7.50/kg$855.00Marielle M. Gannad - Molasses, Cedar, Caramel, HazelnutCommon Crew FINISHED